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Oral Hygiene and Disease Prevention (15)

Plaque is the cause of tooth decay and gum disease which causes toothache and a number of other painful and destructive dental problems. It often can result in needing fillings, root canal treatment, removal of teeth etc. Habits and interventions which help in the prevention of these diseases will avoid these problems.

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Repairing Teeth (9)

Teeth that are damaged generally need to be repaired. Repairing or “restoring” the tooth helps bring back its proper shape, function and appearance. Restoring the tooth is also necessary to protect the damages, exposed tooth from further injury and to protect the pulp (the blood and nerve supply in the centre of the tooth).

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Replacing Teeth (6)

Lost teeth need to be replaced. The replacement of lost teeth helps avoid problems with function, appearance and movement of the remaining teeth. There are three options to consider when replacing lost teeth, these are a denture, a bridge or dental implants.

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Specialist Dentistry (2)

There are sometimes occasions where you will need to see a specialist dentist. Find here general information for root canal treatment, childrens dentistry, oral surgery (for tooth extraction etc) and orthodontics.

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Dental Pain and Pain Management (0)

There can be a variety of causes for dental pain and a variety of ways to manage the pain. Find here information on different causes of toothache and the ways to manage and resolve the problem.

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General Dental Information (0)

Find here information on other general dental topics including information about bad breath, dental problems in pregnancy, the effects of smoking and dental fears and phobias etc.

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Dentalsmart aims to combine social networking for dentists and students with peer to peer sharing of articles, essays etc. A place for dentists to improve their reputation and status and a place for students to network and share study resources.

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